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Durable Monument Signs
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Durable Monument Signs


There are many different locations where monument signs are going to often be found. Whether at a school, church, college, corporate facility, or other important building there is little question that a good monument sign helps to create a very impressive and professional entrance.

Durable Monument Signs Monument Foam 300x183Basically, a monument sign is normally a stone or metal sign that is freestanding and is meant to give important information at a glance in a very professional way that has a special degree of permanence to it. These are not meant to take the place of normal and necessary building signs, instead, they complement building signs or work as a high-quality memorial monument. Whenever you have a need for monument sign you want to make sure you’re getting high quality!
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An Impressive Entrance

Durable Monument Signs monument sign 300x224For many businesses, a monument sign is a fantastic option. They tend to be very unique, will catch the eye, and are far more memorable than most other options. Whether a business or building for another organization, a good monument sign will leave a truly lasting impression.

Generally speaking, most monument signs will be installed at around eye level to make them easy to see and read and to eliminate the need for any pillar, post, or supporting structure. A good monument sign will look great and also be built to last whether indoors or out.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Durable Monument Signs monument 4 300x214While many people think of monument signs that serve one business or one purpose, there were many great monument signs that list a large number of individuals or businesses such as those found at shopping centers, business parks, or marking a special occasion where multiple organizations came together to make a major project happen.

While it may not be right for everybody, you should take a serious look at a monument sign if you want something high-quality that will permanently bring attention to your area.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Durable Monument Signs 2 64 300x214All monument signs will be customized specifically to fit your personal needs, including looks, material, design, and even budget. There are many options available and we can find the right ones for you.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

The Minneapolis Sign Company is unquestionably your best local answer for finding the high quality customized monument signs that you need for your buildings.

Call The Minneapolis Sign Company today at (612) 260-5166 for a Free Consultation with a Monument Sign Specialist!

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