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Impactful Storefront Exterior Signs for Business
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Impactful Storefront Exterior Signs for Business


Using exterior signage to advertise different types of businesses and brands has been a common practice for a long time now. The utilization of these signs varies depending on the type and size of business, from life-size monument signs for shopping centers to yard signs for real estate agents. With Minneapolis Signs, the only limit to our exterior signage capabilities is your imagination. We can give your existing business sign the revamp it needs, or even create a new collection of complete business signage that works together to promote your brand to both existing and future clients.

Exterior Storefront Signs

The exterior appearance of your business is designed to attract patrons to come inside. Almost all businesses uses exterior signage for identification, however not all signs are created equal. That is why a high-quality designed and installed custom exterior sign can set you apart and let your potential clients know that your business is competent and professional.

Your options vary widely for exterior signage, depending on the standard of professionalism you want to convey and the budget that you have for the project.

Standard & Lighted Storefront Signs

Commonly, storefronts use traditional metal-cut, individual letter exterior signs, called Channel Signs, when displaying their business name. We offer a variety of materials and colors to produce cut letter and logo signs, including choices of backlighting to create stand out signs in the dark.

Want to leave a lasting impression? We also have custom Neon signs and Marquee signs for a more classic and vintage feel.

Awning & Canopy Signs

Businesses such as boutiques, specialty shops, or high-end shopping districts often choose to promote their business with awning or canopy signs instead of a traditional storefront sign. An awning sign is a stretched canvas cover for a doorway that contains the store’s name and/or logo. Because we offer numerous options for awnings and canopy signs, our skilled design experts will work with you in selecting the right sign suitable for you and your business location.

Unique Wood Signs & Stone Signs

Looking to make your business stand out through a sign that is both unique and special? Indicate the longevity of your brand with a custom stone sign, or let a wood sign show the traditional and folksy side of your business. Be it a customized stone or wood sign, both give an lasting impression that will show the uniqueness of your business. We are ready to help you through the sign creation process, from design to installation.

Monument Signs for Shopping Centers

For shopping centers, malls, or complexes, monument signs are useful to help shoppers locate various stores. We provide all types of monument signs including pillars, backlit individual store signs, as well as main complex signs. We can even create matching storefront signs for each of the businesses found in the center for maximum appeal.

Outdoor Promotional Signs

Other than our storefront signs, we also have a wide selection of outdoor promotional signs for businesses, schools, churches, and more.

High-Quality Business Signs That Sell

Minneapolis Signs creates business signs that are both functional and inviting. The business signage we provide is custom made to fit your needs and suit the character of your brand. Whether it’s a corporation, a family-owned business, or a non-profit organization, our signs will best complement your needs and budget.

Free Consultation with a Minneapolis Exterior Sign Specialist

If you are not sure which type of exterior sign is right for your business or organization, our team of skilled exterior sign designers provide Free Consultations to help you make the right choice! Contact us at (612) 260-5166 to discuss your exterior sign options.

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